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I take great pride in my ability to bring back the lost beauty and life to works of art and their accompanying frames.

Although it may not be noticible on a day to day basis paintings do accumulate dirt,grime,fireplace smoke and dust particles that diminish their vibrancy and brilliance.

Rips, loss of tension, paint chipping and mould can occur over long periods of storage. Old varnish can turn dark and become brittle over time obscuring brilliance and detail of the work.

Antique gilded plaster frames are extremely prone to breakage, chipping,corner seperation and loss of finish.

All of these issues can be resolved and l would be more than happy to sit down with you and go over

all the aspects concerned in retuning your piece to

it's proper condition.

You'll be surprised to see what can be done, no matter how poor it looks.

I save works of art to be enjoyed by those who follow,


Gary Owen Framing and Art Restoration

118 B Dunlop St. East

Barrie,ON. L4M 1A4 

705 727 4003


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